Busy Bees make sweet things happen!

The Busy Bee Bakery & Cafe is a family owned, full service bakery and our products are hand made, fresh on a daily basis. The business is owned and operated by Cindy Mitchell and if you know her, you know that she loves to bake! This love was instilled in her by her mom when she was just a young girl and she has been baking for her family and friends ever since. It has always been her dream to have a bakery and serve the people of the town that she loves.

Cindy has worked at several bakeries in and around the area, as well as catering for many years, gaining the knowledge and experience needed to make beautiful and tasty treats. All the while, waiting on the right time for her dream to happen. She is finally at a point in her life where she has the time and energy to devote to creating and maintaining her own business. With God by her side, the support of her family, friends and church, she is confident that she can develop a very successful business while serving her community.  

Cindy's vision for The Busy Bee Bakery & Cafe is to be more than just your local bakery, she wants it to be a place where you can come and relax, read a book, check Snap Chat, Instagram, catch up on school work or just take a minute or two to yourself in a quiet spot. While doing this, you will be able to  enjoy your favorite treat or a nice hot cup of coffee and use our free WiFi. You might even want to join us for lunch and have one of our delicious sandwiches or salads with a nice hot cup of soup. Whichever you decide, we are sure that you are going to enjoy the family atmosphere along with lots of love......and cupcakes.